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Finding ways to create beautiful interiors on a budget will be a big trend in 2023. The good news is you don't need to spend big to put together a nice home. Restoring old pieces and even creating new ones is an easy way to furnish your rooms without breaking the bank. 

If you're looking for some easy ways to upcycle your decor in 2023, here are some tips from our real estate agents:

  • Restore A Coffee Table
    Coffee tables are one of the easiest and most popular items to upcycle. You can make a coffee table out of anything -- a bucket with a lid, an old bench, or even a stack of books. Or, you could also find an old coffee table, refurbish it, and paint it any color you'd like. If you want to add a creative touch, add your own mural to the top of it. Some of our favorite Round Rock homes for sale of creative upcycled coffee tables in the living room.

  • Repurpose Your Old Doors
    Old doors can serve as a blank canvas for numerous upcycled or DIY projects. One of our favorites involves turning an old door into a coat rack. Consider cutting the door into smaller pieces. Take one of the pieces, install hangers to the front, and then mount it on the wall next to your door. Hang your coats, scarves, keys, or whatever you'd like. Take another piece and turn it into a picture frame. The options are endless!

  • Don't Let Old Dresser Drawers Go To Waste
    You can turn dresser drawers into just about anything. Prop a drawer up with some pieces of wood, put a flat top over the opening, and now you have a stylish nightstand. Or throw a cushion on top and turn it into a chair. It'll make for a nice functional piece of furniture and a fun conversation piece. 

  • Upcycle The Kid's Old Crib
    Just because your kids have outgrown their cribs doesn't mean they have to go to waste. Take out the mattress, remove the front section, and buy a couple of small kid's chairs. Now your kids can use it as a desk!

  • Add Some Stencil Art To Old Furniture
    If you have outdated furniture with more than a few blemishes, add a fresh coat of paint, and then top it off with some stencil art. Creating beautiful designs on your dressers, bookshelves, coffee tables, or desk can add a touch of creativity to your home and also take the attention away from any cracks or damage.

  • Turn Old Wooden Boxes Into Shelves
    One of the easiest upcycling projects is to take an old wooden box, paint it, and hang it on the wall. Now you have floating shelves where you can place pictures, art, kitchenware, or anything you want. We noticed some nice upcycled shelves when touring these Cedar Park homes for sale

Upcycling not only saves you money but it also gives you the chance to put your creativity to good use. Contact us today for more home decorating tips.

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